Come Along, We're Off to Hong Kong!

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Come Along, We're Off to Hong Kong!

Post  Admin on Sat Oct 10, 2009 7:18 pm

After savouring the delights of Thai cuisine, we need somewhere else to go! And you can't go wrong with Hong Kong...

With it's spectular skyline and harbour, Hong Kong is a unique and dynamic blend of old and new. It makes a perfect stop for our next visit aboard the Oriental Express. Get your chop sticks ready because we are there already!

This is random?
Hong Kong’s official name is the tongue twisting Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, or Hong Kong SAR.

Can you recreate the traditions of Hong Kong in Habbo? With five thousand years of Chinese heritage, we're hoping you can submit a strong entry for our latest competition by building some inspiring rooms. The winning entries will be featured in our Oriental Express.

The deadline for this competition is pretty soon, you only have until 5pm on Sunday 11th October. Send in your entry as a screenshot to with the subject ORIENTAL HONG KONG as soon as possible, not forgetting to include your Habbo name.

The winning Thai entries will be announced on Sunday 11th October along with the winners from the Hong Kong leg of our tour.
A big thanks to Thickiebrickie for suggesting this amazing site seeing visit. A sack of credits are coming your way!

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