The Plot Thickens... [News of habbo uk]

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The Plot Thickens... [News of habbo uk]

Post  Events manager on Sat Oct 17, 2009 9:47 am

The ongoing murder investigation reaches it's penultimate end! Take part to win a Level 2 Detective Badge for your efforts.

We are close to making our first arrest in the investigation of Garie Selwood's grizzly murder. With an armed maniac on the loose in Habbo Hotel, no-one is safe. We must step up our efforts to find this heartless killer, put him in jail and unlock the mystery surrounding the case.

To win a Level 2 Detective Badge:
* Click here to grill Mike, the Private Detective
* Click here to speak to Kelvin, a car mechanic who may have some useful information for you
* Click here revisit Garie's wife Jane at her marital home for more clues
* Click here to visit the CSI HQ, and find the Forensic Room to see what Dr. Scott has to say
* Fill in the poll below with the correct answers as soon as possible!

Don't forget, you can still claim your Level 1 Detective Badge here.

Donuts away, we have work to do!
Urban Crime Scene: Claim Your Level 2 Detective Badge

To claim your Level 2 Detective Badge (silver) by answering the following three questions by Sunday 18th October.

If you get all three answers correct, you may be drawn at random to win one of the 1,000 Level 2 Detective Badges we will be awarding. Be in with a chance of owning this exclusive badge by lending Detectives Horatio Sanz and Sofia Fox your help in this murder case!

What did Mike Hammer (the Private Detective) have to say?
He was hired by the Food Standards Agency to collate evidence of Ray's woeful hygiene, and found a gun in his bin.
He witnessed the murder and saw Jane pull the trigger.
He revealed Jane had an affair with her work colleague Tom, who works in the local Hospital.

What has happened to Jane (Garie's wife)?
Under pressure from our interrogations, she has disappeared and cannot be found. A sign of guilt.

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